Ke Kumu ‘Oihana

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Hi΄ilei Aloha LLC is a non-profit subentity of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), a state agency formed through the State Constitutional Convention in 1978. Hi‘ilei Aloha’s mission is to identify, promote, develop, and support culturally-appropriate, sustainable opportunities that benefit Native Hawaiians.

Hi΄ilei Aloha LLC was created by OHA in October 2007 initially to serve as an umbrella organization for management of Waimea Valley and Makaweli Poi Mill, two acquisitions. The word hi‘ilei means to carry, hold, tend to, nurture, and cherish in the way a parent cares for a beloved child.

Since then, Hi΄ilei Aloha’s kuleana has expanded to include applying for federal and other grants to bring funding and programs into the Hawaiian community; assisting and supporting three new LLCs for land stewardship and community-based economic development activities; and assisting Hawaiian non-profit organizations and businesses by helping them build capacity.

Our mandate is broad and covers several purposes:

  • •  To study the history and culture of the Hawaiian people, including ancestral and modern lifestyles, traditions, customs, practices, activities, values, and beliefs (including, by way of example, agriculture and farming, hunting, gathering, fishing, nourishment, housing, language, music, dance, religion, economic, trade, and social and governmental practices);

  • •  To educate the Hawaiian people and all people on the history and culture of the Hawaiian people as described above, including, for example, through educational tours, lectures, displays, models, demonstrations, courses, pamphlets, books, employment opportunities, and scientific studies;

  • •  To scientifically investigate and study, and to educate the Hawaiian people and all people as to the plants, land and water resources, fish and marine resources, birds, animals and other wildlife, and ecosystems endemic or early introduced to the Hawaiian Islands, and their role in Hawaiian history, civilization and culture, and to preserve, protect, enhance, and encourage propagation and protection of such endemic life in protected and appropriate natural surroundings;

  • •  To preserve, protect, enhance, develop, and promote Hawaiian historical, archaeological, environmental, cultural, spiritual, and religious values, customs, practices, resources, and sites; and

  • •  To educate, train, assist, and prepare Hawaiians for leadership in government, business, and community affairs.

We invite you to learn more about Hi΄ilei Aloha LLC and contact us if there is any way we can help you as a Native Hawaiian organization.