Leadership Training Program

Leadership Training Program

Hi΄ilei Aloha LLC sponsors and conducts a community-based leadership training program using a curriculum developed from a collection of leadership services and indigenous ways of leading. 

Hi΄ilei partners with local community organizations to plan and implement the leadership training program.  Recent class cohorts include: 

  • 2015 Wai΄anae Coast
    Community Partners: Ho΄omaka Hou Learning Center; Ku΄u Aloha Aina; Waimānalo Homestead Association; Hawai΄i Maoli

  • 2015 Ka΄ū, Hawai΄i Island
    Community Partners: Ka΄ū Rural Health Community Association; Ka΄ū Pop Warner; Ka΄ū Homestead Association 
    Funders and Supporters: Ka΄ū Rural Health Community Association 
  • 2014 Wailuku, Maui (Ford Institute Curriculum) 
    Community Partners: Paukūkalo Hawaiian Homes Community Association; Waiohuli Undivided Interest Lessees; Queen Lili΄uokalani Children's Center- Maui Unit
    Funders and Supporters: County of Maui, Department of Hawaiian Home Lands; The Atherton Foundation
  • 2012 Hilo, Hawai΄i Island (Ford Institute Curriculum) 
    Community Partners: County of Hawai΄i; Department of Research and Development 
    Funders and Supporters: County of Hawai΄i;  Department of Hawaiian Home Lands; Hawai΄i Alliance for Community-Based Economic Development (HACBED); The Atherton Foundation; US Department of Agriculture Rural Community Development Initiative Program

What is the Leadership Training Program?

  • The program is a 64-hour course using a curriculum developed from a collection of leadership sources and indigenous ways of leading.  The curriculum focuses on understanding one's self, quadruple bottom line, servant leadership, native values, communication skills, working in groups, managing conflict, and nation-building one project at a time.  The program is an all-day program on Saturday and Sunday, one weekend per month over the course of four months.
  • After the last class session, participants volunteer 20-40 hours towards a class project to put into practice the new knowledge and skills learned.
  • Hi΄ilei Aloha LLC trains community members to become certified trainers for this program.   

How is this Leadership Training Program different from others?

  • The training is conducted on-island, within a community.
  • The training does not aspire to cause things to happen, or tell a community what to do, but rather to help those who are already making things happen or those who want to make things happen.
  • The training style is unique and dynamic – highly interactive, more facilitation and participant-centered than teaching. Trainers seldom lecture but rather draw from the participants what they already know through discussion and exercises.
  • The curriculum combined with simultaneous project activities will teach community residents to make decisions; analyze assets; collaborate and build teams; understand the value of different personality types; consider social, demographic, economic and physical geographic trends; develop a group vision; understand key leadership roles; identify funding and other resources; and engage in action planning.
  • Graduates may be invited to co-teach the Program and earn credit towards becoming certified trainers for future classes.

Who is eligible?

The more diverse the class, the better.

  • All ages – from high school to kūpuna
  • Emerging leaders to experienced ones
  • All occupations including students, self-employed, business owners, retirees
  • All fields of interest – nonprofits, public/private sectors, government personnel, agriculture/farming, health and human services, environment, sciences, and business

Where has Hi΄ilei's leadership training program been conducted in Hawai΄i?

  • 2015 Wai΄anae Coast 
  • 2015 Ka΄ū, Hawai΄i Island
  • 2014 Wailuku, Maui
  • 2012 Hilo, Hawai΄i Island
  • Thus far, over 50 community members have graduated.

How much does it cost?

Generally, the budget for the full 64-hour, 4-weekend program is $40,000.  This includes expenses for trainers, a certified Meyers-Briggs administrator, community resident co-trainers, materials, supplies, and a training venue.  Hi΄ilei Aloha LLC works with a local sponsoring community organization to raise the necessary funds.

For the participant, generally, there is no fee.  Participants are asked to commit their time and are responsible for their own transportation to the class room facility.

If your community is interested in sponsoring and hosting this leadership training program, please contact us.