Strategic Collaborations

Strategic Collaborations

Strategic Collaborations is an effort to pool limited resources for greater impact in building capacity for Native Hawaiian nonprofit organizations.  “Strategic” refers to future-oriented thinking and planning of creative and innovative approaches to challenges that achieve desired results of carefully designed plans of action. “Collaborations” refers to alliances and partnerships of mutually beneficial relationships between two or more organizations that achieve common goals for common purposes.  These strategic collaborations bring a collective impact to managing energies, resources and efforts for maximum results and benefits. 

One strategic collaboration we worked on in 2013-2014 is a partnership with D.O.E. school complexes on the Wai΄anae Coast and in Kaʻū/Kea΄au/Pāhoa to bring school-based health services to their communities.  We helped to incubate the project with a $250,000 grant from D.O.E.

We are currently working with nonprofits serving the pa΄ahao community to collaborate and apply for large grants from the U.S. Department of Justice and national foundations. 

We maintain a list of upcoming grant opportunities that may be of interest to Native Hawaiian organizations.   To see the current list, click on grant(s) former on our home page.  

We can help with grant writing or pay for grant writing services for organizations who are ready to apply for grants.  If you are interested in receiving grant writing assistance, please contact one of our capacity-building managers.